제  목 : 스위치형(MS-P700)
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MS-P700 Series 마이크로프로세서 내장 디지탈 압력스위치는 압력전송기, 디지탈 인디게이터 압력스위치를 일체형으로 설계한 산업용 압력 계기이다.

5 Digit LED 디스플레이 와 내장된 다양한 기능들을 현장에서 사용자에 의해 쉽게 조정될 수 있으며, 모든 기능들은 실제 프로세스 상태에서 설정이 가능한 장점을 지니고 있다.
Pressure range 0~0.2…350kgf/㎠ gauge pressure
0~1…350kgf/㎠ absolute pressure
Overload 300% FS without damage
Output signal 2 relay point
AnalogOutput signal 4~20mA DC Current output
Excitation voltage 12~36V DC
Optional 110V or 220V AC power
lnfluence of excitation voltage ≤0.01% FSO/V
Media Gas, oil and water
Power ripple ≤500mV P-P
Load resistance 500Ω AT 24V DC
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Vibration resistance Approx. 10g/0 to 500Hz
Shock resistance Approx. 50g/1ms
Accuracy ±0.2% FSO
Linearity at 25℃ 0.100% of span
Repeatabi|ity 0.015% of span
Hysteresis 0.010% of span
Stability of sensitivity 0.200% of span
Stabi|ity of zero 0.300% of span
Reference temperature 25 ℃
Thermal sensitivity shift 0.500% of span
Thermal zero shift 0.500% of span
Operating temperature range -10℃ ~ 60℃
Switching current Max. 1.2A
Switching cycles ≥100 million
Reacting time Approx. 10ms
Current consumption Approx. 100mA(without switching output)
Local display 5 digit LED display (Red)
Safety Type Ex d ⅡB T4, IP67
Elactrical connection PT 1/2”
Process connection PT 1/2” (standard) , PT 3/8”, PT 1/4”
Material of housing Aluminum die-casting
Material of diaphragm Stainless steel 316L SS
Material of wetted part Stainless steel 316